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Sonoma Conservatory of Dance Making Dance Accessible to the Community of Sonoma.

Sonoma Conservatory of Dance has been providing diverse dance education, dance scholarships, and high quality dance performances for the youth and adults of Sonoma Valley since 2005. With a steadfast mission to provide affordable pre and classical ballet training(as well as other dance styles) to a diverse student base, SCD proudly became a nonprofit corporation July 2016. The purpose of this corporation is to create a learning environment that fosters curiosity, creativity, joy and compassion that is accessible to everyone despite economic status.

The benefits of dance are invaluable to the development of youth and their future contribution to society. Experts believe that skills developed through dance make dancers better employees and better able to express their feelings and create healthy relationships, therefore, developing a sense of responsibility to their community. Under this philosophy, SCD is strengthening its commitment to sharing this gift with the Valley as a nonprofit.

SCD will continue to operate at the same facility on 561 Broadway, while it also continues to build on its core curriculum and repertoire of full-length ballets. Artistic Director, Patricia O’Reilly, who is currently in the middle of The Snow Maiden rehearsals, is hopeful about SCD’s potential endowment possibilities and how they will help the studio contribute to the community.

“Through its productions, students not only get a comprehensive education on dance technique and cultural discourse, they also learn valuable life skills like team and relationship building, problem-solving skills, and self-mastery which leads to true self-esteem” says Patricia.

The real cost of mounting one of SCD’s Sebastiani Theatre based productions is in the neighborhood of $50,000 per production; costs such as costumes, choreographers, coaches, and theatre rental lead to an average shortfall of $30,000 per production after performance fees and ticket sales. Approximately 10% of SCD’s students receive partial or whole tuition aid.

Past partnerships with organizations like La Luz, the Sebastiani Theatre Foundation, as well as SAY Grief Services, inspired Sonoma Conservatory of Dance to formally organize as a nonprofit corporation and create new avenues for future partnership. As a nonprofit, SCD is developing plans to seek Corporate Partnership to offset production costs and offer even more scholarships to the community. With the help of key board members like Julie Boles and parent committee member, Lisa Galetto, additional funding projects have been created for grant resources as well as private donations- including a generous matching donation of $20,000.

As part of the exciting unveiling of its new nonprofit status, invited members of the press will be guests at SCD on October 26 for a showcase of speakers, dance performances, and an invitation to sit in on ballet class.

Come see the enchanting transformative power of dance for yourself this December 10 & 11 at the Sebastiani Theatre when SCD performs The Snow Maiden: A Russian Wonder-Tale of Love and Magic!

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