Students strive to develop mastery of advanced ballet technique and vocabulary and are able to assess and work on their individual strengths and goals as well as work with peers to gain experience dancing as a core unit. Dancers continue to explore their personal responses to music and choreography to encourage the unique development of each individual dancer. Students wishing to continue on pointe should attend a minimum of four (4) ballet classes each week, preferably all at the Advanced level. An attendance record of 90% or better is expected. Students should plan to spend a minimum of two (2) years of training at this level in order to master the movement vocabulary of the Royal Academy of Dance Grade 8, Advanced I and Advanced II Syllabi; some students may spend more than two (2) years should the teaching staff feel that is what would best serve the overall development of the dancer. The two (2) year minimum is usually met by those students who consistently attend at least four (4) ballet classes each week (and usually more) as well as attend 3 or more weeks of SCD Summer Dance Camp (or equivalent).


Please note the following information:  

  • Suggested website dancewear purchases:
    Click “Shop Online” and type “Sonoma” in the search box
    NOTE:  Samples are available at the studio to help with sizing
  • As there are so many ways to create a dance schedule at Sonoma Conservatory of Dance, we ask you to refer to the Tuition Information grid below.  After adding the number of hours of weekly dance classes, please refer to the chart for the monthly tuition.  Should you have any questions, please contact the Studio Manager for assistance.
  • Students are encouraged and expected to make up missed classes as soon as possible.  Please inquire at the front desk if you need more information.
  • Performance opportunities are planned for the School Year.  Students enrolled in the Conservatory will be considered for roles in these productions, which are performed at the Sebastiani Theatre.  As we approach the start of rehearsals for each production, all eligible students will be given an agreement with all the details.
  • When scheduled and as appropriate, Advanced students may also attend Master Classes in Character, Drama, Flamenco, Jazz, Modern or other movement styles (look for information in the E-Newsletter and in the Studio Lobby).
  • Keep in mind that students enrolled in more than the minimum requirement each week, who participate in as many performance opportunities as possible, who attend the Summer Dance Camps and/or who attend Master Classes when offered will most likely progress more quickly than students who participate at the Conservatory at a minimal level only.
  • Advanced students, particularly those interested in dancing professionally, are strongly encouraged to consider continuing to attend Intermediate II, Intermediate I, Elementary II and/or Elementary I  classes on pointe for extra practice and to participate in our full-length productions.
  • Dancers at this level and above are encouraged to attend auditions for summer intensives.  Auditions are listed in publications such as Pointe and Dance Magazine. 
  • Students may choose to enter the Royal Academy of Dance Advanced I or Advanced II Vocational Examination as appropriate.  An agreement with all the details, including uniform requirements and fees, will be given to all eligible students in September.

Advanced Uniform for Girls:

  • Bloch #CL5405 royal blue tank leotard 
  • Bloch Endura  tights (footed or adaptatoe)
  • Bloch Tensus Demi Pointe Shoe Pink (Elementary II) (order ribbons and sew before wearing)
  • Capezio Hanami pink canvas ballet slippers (for non-exam/free classes)
    NOTE:  elastics should be sewn

Advanced Uniform for Boys 

  • Black shorts or leggings and white t-shirt (plain)
  • White or black ballet slippers with socks (white or black)

General Dress Code Information for Girls in Advanced 

  • No jewelry
  • Long hair secured up and away from the face and neck in a classical bun or similar style. If the hair is too short, it may be pulled away from the face and neck with a headband.
  • Leg-warmers and/or ballet sweater may be worn in cold weather.
Class Hours Per WeekMonthly TuitionDrop in Rate
2.25$137.00Not Applicable
2.5$147.00Not Applicable
3$165.00Not Applicable
3.25$174.00Not Applicable

Monthly Tuition for 3.50 class hours or more per week will be calculated by multiplying weekly class hours by $14.00 times 4 weeks per month.