Come Soar

Beginning with the Dancing Ducklings (Mommy & Me class) and continuing with the Friendly Finches, Dazzling Firedbirds, & Beautiful Bluebirds, our fun and inspired pre-ballet classes are a perfect way to introduce your little one to the joys of dance. Our Come Soar program for dancers ages 2-6 use curriculum based on the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus, along with SCD’s belief that imagination is key in dance! Using poems, stories, creative props and music these classes are a wonderful introduction for children to the structured and expressive world of dance. Choose the one (1) class meeting time that is appropriate for your child and best for your family. Students may enroll in more than one class if desired and available.

Dancing Ducklings (for your little duckling and an adult):

  • Anything that’s easy to move in

Recommended Girls Uniform for Friendly Finches, Dazzling Firebirds, Beautiful Bluebirds & Graceful Swans

  • Bloch skirted leotard or any dance dress of your choice
  • Bloch Endura tights (footed)
  • Bloch Dansoft full sole ballet slipper (be sure to choose from Toddler and Children sizes)

Recommended Boys Uniform for Friendly Finches, Dazzling Firebirds, Beautiful Bluebirds & Graceful Swans

  • Black shorts or leggings and plain white t-shirt
  • White or black ballet slippers and socks

General Dress Code Information for Girls

  • No jewelry
  • Long hair secured up and away from the face and neck

For these classes this may be a simple ponytail. If the hair is too short, it may be pulled away from the face and neck with a headband.

Leg-warmers and/or ballet sweater may be worn in cold weather.

Please note the following information for our Graceful Swans

  • Suggested website dancewear purchases:
    Click “Shop Online” and type “Sonoma” in the search box
    NOTE:  Samples are available at the studio to help with sizing
  • Students are encouraged and expected to make up missed classes as soon as possible.  Please inquire at the front desk if you need more information.
  • For Graceful Swan students:  Performance opportunities are planned for the School Year, and students  enrolled at this level will be considered for roles in these productions, which are performed at the Sebastiani Theatre.  As we approach the start of rehearsals for each production, all eligible students will be given an agreement with all the details.
  • When scheduled and as appropriate, Graceful Swan students may also attend Master Classes in Character, Drama, Flamenco, Jazz, Modern or other movement styles (look for information in the E-Newsletter and in the Studio Lobby). 
 Monthly TuitionDrop-in Rate
30-minute Lesson
Dancing Ducklings (1.5-3 years)
Not applicable$15.00
30-minute Lesson
Friendly Finches (3-4 years)
45-minute Lesson
Dazzling Firebirds (4-5) years & Beautiful Bluebirds (5-6 years)
60-minute Lesson
Graceful Swans (6-7 years)