Performance Block


Intermediate II and Advanced students with flexible schooling schedules are able to enroll in our Performance Block, which meets Monday-Friday in the early afternoon for over 10 hours each week. In addition to classical ballet and pointe technique, there will be classes in other dance styles as well as dance conditioning methodologies.  Other dance styles that students may be exposed to over the course of a school year — and over the course of their years in the Performance Block— could include tap, character, modern, jazz, and so forth. Students will experience conditioning methodologies such as various floor barre systems, yoga, pilates, isometrics, and active stretching.

Each 36-week School Year period includes

      • Over 10 hours of dance and dance-related classes per week  (Monday-Friday, early afternoon)
        • Performance Block students will also be able to take as many of SCD’s regular afternoon/evening classes as desired at no extra cost. Please note:  In order to fulfill the requirement for pointe work at the Intermediate II and Advanced levels, they will need to take at least one of the regular classes in addition to the Performance Block.
      • Participation in two stage productions and multiple community performance opportunities
      • One Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) exam
      • One audition photo session
      • Ten live performances, including local and touring dance companies
      • Tuition:  $800 per month (September-May)
      • NOTE:  For the month of June, Performance Block students who are not studying at summer intensives away from Sonoma would create their schedule from SCD’s regular afternoon/evening classes.  Tuition would be based on the number of weekly hours of classes.

For further information, please contact Patty O’Reilly, Artistic Director ( or Dulce Silvi, Studio Manager (

      For further information, please contact Patty O’Reilly, Artistic Director (, Dulce Silvi, Studio Manager (